Posted by: Danielle Brossart

#GIVINGTUESDAY is a movement encouraging people to financially support the cause they love on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, December 1.  For many Christians, celebrating the Christ child at Christmas is brightest as we share what we have and who we are with others.

Real lives.  Real impact.  Real Change.  Really.  An international child sponsorship ministry, Children of Promise has provided resources and volunteers who have touched the lives of 4,700 children and young adults in 28 countries of the world.  These young people are breaking the bonds of extreme poverty every single day of the year.  Local Church of God volunteers in each country witness the hope-filled transformation they see in the lives of children and young people.

If you want to see children and young adults embrace Hope and build a better future, click HERE and you can make a financial contribution.  Any gift given through this link [before December 1, or] through the end of the year, will count toward the Children of Promise #GIVINGTUESDAY total.  Really.

Some merchants pitched their Black Friday event the day after Halloween.  We will eat the turkey and trimmings on Thanksgiving and conserve our energy for the consumer spending that has made Black Friday a success.  If that frenzied day does not throw you off balance, perhaps Cyber Monday will render your fingers numb as you order Christmas gifts.  #GIVINGTUESDAY offers us the opportunity to regain a sense of balance and remember some of our favorite charities.  It is a time when we can ask ourselves what can I do for our charities.  Children of Promise guarantees that financial contribution you give through the #GIVINGTUESDAY event will be used to make child sponsorship all happen – feeding, educating, enhancing health, and teaching biblical truth to God’s children in 28 countries in the world.  Real lives.  Real impact.  Real Change.  Really.

Set the alarm on your phone, tablet, watch, or laptop to remind yourself that December 1, 2015  is #GIVINGTUESDAY!  When you give to Children of Promise, the kids win!  You cannot beat that!  Really.