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Monica Fischer : Program Director, Argentina
  • Monica Fischer

    Program Director, Argentina

  • Argentina Program Director's Welcome

    The brightness of hope in children who join the Niños de Promesa Argentina is something to see. For Argentine children, Niños de Promesa means hope for a better future and to feel loved every day. They know that someone who lives far away cares about them and they are united by the love of God.

    The program positively impacts leaders, the children, and the children's families. Mothers are encouraged to care for the health and education of their children, thanks to the incentive that Children of Promise provides.

    During the year 2014, various testimonies and joys were seen in families from the impact of the Niños de Promesa. Liliana, a mother of two sponsored children, Nayeli and Magali, shared her experience saying that after the death of her husband the only help they received was, and remains, from Niños de Promesa. The benefits offered by the program are a blessing to her as she raises her three children.

    We are convinced that children are being impacted spiritually, physically and educationally. We see it.

    Monica Fischer

    Program Director

    Niños de Promesa, Argentina

Shikha Biswas : Program Director, Bangladesh
  • Shikha Biswas

    Program Director, Bangladesh

  • Bangladesh Program Director's Welcome

    Children of Promise started here in October 2012. Since then it has made a difference in our Church, our believers and their neighbors, and, above all, the neglected children of our country. We all know that Bangladesh is a very poor country where most of the people live under the poverty level and the children are the most neglected ones here.

    Before we started the Children of Promise ministry, many of the children of our Church could not go to school or get proper nutrition. They did not have nice clothes to wear. Their lives changed with this sponsorship program.

    Once their sponsorships began, the sponsored children were able to attend school, eat nutritious food and also wear good clothes. They don’t have to live without food. The children are no longer neglected in our society. They are also getting proper health check-ups. The sponsored children receive medical care as needed so their health is protected for a lifetime.

    Now growing in intellect in school, the sponsored children are accepting, developing, and growing up in reverence toward God. They hear about the saving grace of the Lord, and many have come to know Jesus Christ as Savior. Children of Promise is changing our society and the lives of our children in positive ways.

    Shihka Biswas

    Program Director

    Children of Promise, Bangladesh

Elena de Barbour : Program Director, Colombia (Central)
  • Elena de Barbour

    Program Director, Colombia (Central)

  • Colombia (Central) Program Director's Welcome

    The Niños de Promesa program is for children learning about issues related to the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ. Many families have reported changes in lifestyle, many of these children will be leaders in the immediate future, Sunday school teachers, participate in music and other church activities.

    They also express their appreciation for the support of health and education markets. They express great joy in the exchanges of letters that make with sponsors.

    Finally the program has brought benefits in all aspects of life for all families who are part of it, especially children has the major benefit.

    Elena de Barbour

    Program Director

    Niños de Promesa, Colombia (Central)

Rev. José Antonio Jiménez : Program Director, Colombia (Catalina)
  • Rev. José Antonio Jiménez

    Program Director, Colombia (Catalina)

  • Colombia (Catalina) Program Director's Welcome

    Our children live in households with an average of 4-5 children and where the father has abandoned the family. They depend on the support that mothers can achieve in domestic work, earning about $5.00 per day.

    These children are vulnerable to common crime, recruitment by guerrilla groups and the criminal gangs operating in major cities. Girls are tempted to develop the work of prostitution, from an early age, to help their mothers meet the expenses of the family. Prostitution of young girls is creating a crisis in our nation.

    Thanks to the Niños de Promesa program (since 2005) we have been able to minister to families with children in this type of vulnerability in the community of Catalina in Bogotá, Colombia. They have benefited from food, education, hygiene and health care and medical education, but above all spiritual help through God's Church.


    Rev. Antonio Jose Jimenez

    Program Director, Niños de Promesa, Colombia (Catalina)

    Pastor, Catalina Church of God

Jeanet Ortiz Pinto : Program Director, Colombia (Puerto Asis)
  • Jeanet Ortiz Pinto

    Program Director, Colombia (Puerto Asis)

  • Colombia (Puerto Asis) Program Director's Welcome

    My beloved brethren, I write with much sense of gratitude. There are few words to express all that is today Niños de Promesa in Putumayo.

    I thank you for your hands that are useful for a full blessing. I hope you realize that God is doing a great work through the childhood program and each of you.


    Jeanet Pinto

    Program Director, Niños de Promesa

    Colombia (Putumayo)

Martin Solera and Martha Suarez : Program Directors, Costa Rica
  • Martin Solera and Martha Suarez

    Program Directors, Costa Rica

  • Costa Rica Program Directors' Welcome
Laurice Naim Sefain Adbel Sayed : Program Director, Egypt
  • Laurice Naim Sefain Adbel Sayed

    Program Director, Egypt

  • Egypt Program Director's Welcome

    Most of our children were so surprised that there are believers in Christ, total strangers to them, who are helping them. They and were unable to believe this especially that it is a really long-run commitment to show love toward them, for no reason except that they are children of God! The warm feelings and care that they receive through the monthly benefits makes them very happy and loved.

    The children appreciate the letters and photos from their sponsors. Receiving the benefits from Children of Promise, encourages the children to open their hearts toward everyone around them.

    We can see it in the eyes of their families,who have begun to come regularly to the church's meetings. They express appreciation and closeness. We can see it in the children's letters to their sponsors. We can see it, too, in the atmosphere of warmness which overwhelms our church's congregations and makes all of us feel that we are one family,The God's family''.

Odete Lohman : Program Director, Dominican Replublic
  • Odete Lohman

    Program Director, Dominican Replublic

  • Dominican Republic Director's Welcome

Rev. Karen Lambert : Program Director, Ecuador
  • Rev. Karen Lambert

    Program Director, Ecuador

  • Ecuador Program Director's Welcome

    As director of Children of Promise in Ecuador for almost 18 years, I have been blessed to see the long-term results of this amazing program. All of our supported children are from very poor homes where society has told them for years that nothing can change.

    I used to ask the children what they wanted to be when they grew up. NOT ONE had an answer until a child looked me in the eye and said “God has called me to be a doctor.” I watched as that child grew into a man who reached his goal. I also watched as that gave others hope to reach for their dreams.

    Now we have many professionals who are also leaders in our congregations. God has used this program to not only change children’s lives, but families, communities, and His church.


Bishop Rev. Edward Nkansah : Program Director, Ghana
  • Bishop Rev. Edward Nkansah

    Program Director, Ghana

  • Ghana Program Director's Welcome
    Since the inception of the Children of Promise Program in Ghana, the program has been used by the Lord as the means by which many under-privileged and economically disadvantaged children from poor families in our communities to leave behind them a life of misery, helplessness and despair to enter into a life of purpose and satisfaction in the Lord. Many families and several local Christian groups have received into their fellowships young men and women who have benefited from the program. These are young people whose tender lives have tremendously been impacted due to the effective communication of the gospel message and have resulted in their repentance, conversion and acceptance of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The Winneba Road Church of God congregation Youth Group in dominated by children who have finished the program or are still on the program. Some of the children who have benefited from the Children of Promise program and have attended and graduated from high school are now serving on the Amazing Grace Christian Academy staff as full time teachers. Others are currently engaged in gainful employment with some private companies and corporations in our city. Two of these young people are currently attending Teachers Training College preparing themselves to become teachers. The Church of God Mission in Ghana is eternally grateful to God for introducing the Children of Promise program to her ministries through the Amazing Grace Christian Academy. We also express our heartfelt gratitude to the Executive Director, the Board of Directors and the office staff of the Children of Promise in Anderson as well as all the sponsors for their great sacrificial services and commitment to the mission of seeking the welfare and interest of these children to make a great difference in their lives. Please kindly pass on our cordial Christian greetings to your family and to all the able and dedicated staff members at the office in Anderson. We appreciate and covet their continued daily intercessions for us. Cordially yours.
Woody Belhomme : Program Director, Haiti
  • Woody Belhomme

    Program Director, Haiti

  • Haiti (Calebasse) Program Director's Welcome

Carolina Stewart : Program Director, Honduras
  • Carolina Stewart

    Program Director, Honduras

  • Honduras Program Director's Welcome

    Greetings from Children of Promise of Honduras

    I am very grateful to my Lord for having brought this blessing to our country through the Church of God. I also thank the sponsors that proposed in their heart to help our children. While chatting with one of the mothers she mentioned, ‘I tell my son if it were not for the program you could not study.’ This is because she is the mother of four children and could not afford the money for an education.

    Also we had a child who had a disease, called blount, who needed an expensive operation. With the help of this program, the child remained well, thank God.

    It is priceless is to see the faces of joyful children when they are sponsored and receive your support and gifts. Sometimes we are able to take trips by bus to places that some children had never been to, like Wendy’s.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you very much sponsors for your love of children in need. Thank you for bringing hope to our children and we pray that God will multiply every dollar that you share with kids. God’s continued blessing.

Mamata Das : Program Director, India (Central)
  • Mamata Das

    Program Director, India (Central)

  • India (Central) Director's Welcome

    Words cannot adequately describe our gratitude and thanks for what Children of Promise has done and is doing. The Shelter, over the last century, has been instrumental in building confidence in the girls to establish themselves in society and be well accepted. Many teachers, nurses, and government.servants are noteworthy contributions from the Shelter to Society. Among such are entrepreneurs, an international athlete, and a principal of government colleges. Many have won trophies in athletics, sports and games and brought honor to themselves and their alma mater.

    A loving, Christian environment is the hallmark of The Shelter. The girls’s spiritual formation is priority, along with nutrition, education, and health care.

    The sponsorship program,Pallaba Sishu Bikash Kendra (PSBK), at Rajpur in Kalahandi district has rendered yeoman service in the field of women in an area where women’s education was and is still a taboo. The girls through the ministry of PSBK have graduated from school and also from college. Other boys and girls have graduated and some have started working. All because of PSBK this has been possible. Great care is taken to help the children grow spiritually.

    In the sponsorship program INO (Odisha), the children are provided with monthly staple foods and are provided the mean in which to study. This helps the families to a great extent. The children are doing well. Great attention is given to their spiritual growth.

    With love, prayers and best wishes, Mamata and Asim.

Rev. Sanjay Murmu : Program Director, India (West Bengal)
  • Rev. Sanjay Murmu

    Program Director, India (West Bengal)

  • India (West Bengal) Director's Welcome

    I personally consider it a privilege to be a part of the Children of Promise program for over a decade. This ministry has been a great blessing to the underprivileged children of this region. Through this ministry we have addressed the physical, spiritual, socio-emotional and education of many children in need.

    The local church has been able to translate their love for their neighbors in deeds by adopting [sponsoring] children from the community to help the child and the family at large. Many children have successfully graduated from this program and are studying in colleges, some have even started to work. This has been possible because someone, somewhere, sacrificially made an attempt to bring a smile and hope into a child’s life, who otherwise did not have the resources.

    Even today, there are mothers selling their sons away for few hundred rupees, as they are not able to take care of them. They are willing to give away their daughters for there is no one willing to pay a price for them. We can redeem, restore and release these precious children in Jesus’ name.

    Rev. Sanjay Daniel Murmu

    Program Director

    West Bengal, India

Rev. Ronald Chenimo : Program Director, Kenya
  • Rev. Ronald Chenimo

    Program Director, Kenya

  • Kenya Program Director's Welcome

    For many orphans or needy children here in Mt. Elgon, Kenya, the chances of staying in school until graduation are slim. The need to put food on the table and clothes on their backs often overshadows the need for a good education. Many of the children we have encountered risk being sent to work as laborers or shop helpers. Some even scavenge through garbage to find something to sell, just to buy a paltry amount of food. The funds you provide supplement the household funding to take away that need.

    What do the dollars you send monthly through Children of Promise mean?  For an orphan or needy child in Mt. Elgon, Kenya, it means a lot: a chance to stay in school and have an opportunity for a better life. It may not seem like a lot of money to sponsors, but for the children we sponsor it means hope.

    Our volunteers in Children of Promise in Kenya work tirelessly to research orphan or needy children’s stories. They ensure these kids have good health, stay in school by following up with monthly visits and checking report cards and attendance records, and ensuring that the money you give is making a difference

    When children find out they have been sponsored, the joy they feel is indescribable. Just knowing that someone across the globe cares means more than you can imagine. Sponsoring a child in need profoundly changes the future for your sponsored child, and can change your own life as well.

    Thank you and God be with you all.


    Ronald Wilson Chenimo

    Program Director

    Children of Promise Kenya

Rev. Joy Mallouh : Program Director, Lebanon
  • Rev. Joy Mallouh

    Program Director, Lebanon

  • Lebanon Program Director's Welcome

    Although the devastating war in Lebanon ended in 1992, it still has a wide impact on most families in Lebanon. The political and security instability is still affecting the economy and encouraging many young people to immigrate. Many families that struggle financially seek the help of the local church. The support offered by Children of Promise has an essential role in our families and has put a smile on young faces who appreciate the love and care shown in those gifts that are offered to them.

    Children are not only excited when receiving their gifts, but also enjoy the letters and cards that offer spiritual encouragement and share love. It excites them to be friends with their sponsors.

    I want to compel you to consider this appeal and join this ministry that makes a difference in the life of a child in Lebanon. Be assured that when you sponsor a child, you will bring hope to his heart. It will be a testimony to those on the receiving end that you, as a member of God’s family, deeply care. A big thank you for all sponsors.

    Rev. Joy Mallouh

    Program Director, Children of Promise

    National Leader of the Church of God, Lebanon

Karim Anayssi : Program Director, Lebanon (Cedar Home for Girls)
  • Karim Anayssi

    Program Director, Lebanon (Cedar Home for Girls)

  • Lebanon (Cedar Home for Girls) Program Director's Welcome

    I first heard of Children of Promise three years ago and had the honor of getting to know the staff. I also spoke about Children of Promise in a Church of God congregation in the USA. Their partnership with Cedar Home goes back many years, long before I joined Cedar Home (girls’ orphanage) as executive director.

    Rescue, restore and release are exactly what Children of Promise is helping us do in the lives of the children we help. Children of Promise offers a transparent and effective opportunity for those who seek to make a difference in children's lives.

    In addition, our children receive help from Children of Promise. They are able to build relationships with sponsors, and we have seen how those relationships can be a powerful tool for personal growth in lives of our children here at Cedar Home.

    I have experienced how hard Children of Promise works and how they pray to find sponsors for children in need of rescuing. I encourage you to sponsor a child right now because I have seen how Children of Promise helps rescue, restore and release children!

    Karim Anayssi

    Program Director

    Cedar Home for Girls

    Beirut, Lebanon

Rev. Emmanuel Massamba : Program Director, Malawi
  • Rev. Emmanuel Massamba

    Program Director, Malawi

  • Malawi Program Director's Welcome

    I believe this can be the favorite song that sponsored children sing in their hearts:

    “When I was ill, thirsty, hungry and poor; Children of Promise provided all the necessities in my life. When I was hopeless, Children of Promise showed me Jesus who cares and provides my hope and future; and now I understand the high value Good Samaritans have upon my life”.

    Children of Promise often becomes a parent substitute to sponsored children.  Sponsorship helps orphan children feel loved, hugged and able to identify their position in the society, today and in the near future. The families of sponsored children can appreciate and understand the vastness of God’s love upon His children regardless of age, and see the goodness of the Lord.

    Children of Promise imparts the spirit of hard working in the children at school and helps to set realistic goals in their lives and be assured of achieving their goals. Children constitute almost 60 percent of the membership at our churches; and activities (hands on and brains on) are in place to keep the children engaged. Free lessons are offered to sponsored children in all sites to improve their academic performance at school. All children in the community regardless of their religious affiliations are also beneficiaries of the education that we offer. The first site has 102 children coming to learn and interact with their friends. Our volunteers are teaching these children.

    Thank you, Children of Promise!

    Emmanuel Masamba

    COP Director - Malawi

Rev. Dorothy Colney : Program Director, Myanmar (Burma)
  • Rev. Dorothy Colney

    Program Director, Myanmar (Burma)

  • Myanmar "Myitta" Program Director's Welcome

    The Children of Promise, Myitta, program was started in Myanmar in 2005. As this program helps children with their education, nutrition and food supplies, it has benefited our children very much. Rice is the main food for all of them and is a part of their monthly allotment of food. Additionally, vitamins, noodles, Milo and Ovaltine are given to the children and this helps their health and growth. The Children of Promise ministry ensures that our children will be able to complete their education. And some children have received special attention for their health, undergoing surgery and being freed from the bondage of poverty.

    Children are required to attend the Sunday School every week where they learn about Jesus Christ. Many of our children receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord have been baptized. Half of our 300 sponsored children are non-Christians. The children’s lives really change after accepting Jesus Christ. The children’s mothers notice the changes first, following them to church and becoming Christians. After that their fathers notice that the lives of both their children and wives have changed. The fathers begin to attend church and they become Christians also. Even in the community, people around noticed their lives changed and God is being glorified.

    Many of our Children of Promise sponsored children finished high school and have now graduated from colleges. Some have become full-time workers at our Church of God ministry in Myanmar. Some have attended seminary while others have become engineers and army officers.

    I would like to thank to God and the Children of Promise program from the bottom of my heart for helping our children for their education, health and food concerns. It help them to have hope and meaning in their lives.


    Rev. Dorothy Colney

    Senior Pastor & President

    Church of God in Myanmar (Evangelical) &

    Program Director, Myiita program (Myanmar) sponsored by Children of Promise

Rev. Bir Bahadur Waiba : Program Director, Nepal
  • Rev. Bir Bahadur Waiba

    Program Director, Nepal

  • Nepal Program Director's Welcome
Rev. Juanita Blanco : Program Director, Nicaragua
  • Rev. Juanita Blanco

    Program Director, Nicaragua

  • Nicaragua Program Director's Welcome

    Children of Promise in Nicaragua is bringing hope and opportunity to children in need of economic support and a word of hope to their lives. It covers food per month, education, school supplies and health.

    The program reaches children of scarce resources where the child has the opportunity to go to school, as well as receive clothing, shoes and school supplies. Providing the sponsored children with the needed supplies for school is a great motivator for the children to study well.  The health of children is also monitored.  If they get sick, they are taken to the doctor and are provided with medication when necessary.

    The program has become a tool for children to fall in love with Christ and not just profit. Children are receiving weekly discipleship training. Children of Promise in Nicaragua is, and will remain, the representation of the hands and feet of Jesus, the instrument he is using to bring hope to all children who are hungry, not only for food, but also for God's love.

    As director of the sponsorship program in Nicaragua, I am thankful to God and you for letting me be part of this big family.

    The reader question for you is: Will you join us?   You can change the life of a child!

    God Bless !

    Rev. Juanita Blanco

    Program Director

Sandra Greve : Program Director, Paraguay
  • Sandra Greve

    Program Director, Paraguay

  • Paraguay Program Director's Welcome

    I want to express gratitude and appreciation to each of the sponsors who make it possible for Children of Promise to function here in Paraguay.  With your monthly aid, children can receive food each month, which helps with their nutrition, as well as being a help to the family. Being able to obtain all the supplies and uniforms needed for school is very important as costs for these items are very high in this country.  Additionally, these children are blessed to receive assistance in the area of health if they need medical care.

    The children are very blessed to have your support.  They demonstrate their gratitude by living full lives.


    Sandra Greve

Telvi Espinoza : Program Director, Peru
  • Telvi Espinoza

    Program Director, Peru

  • Director's Welcome
    The presence of the Children of Promise program in Peru is a very special blessing to our country because it has been a great help to families who are in Chepén, Jaen, Martha Chavez, and Salamanca. Children have a better attitude to study. They are the best students at school. They share their Christian life with their friends and families. Their families have best thoughts about God and some of them are now Christians . Children of Promise sponsored children participate in the programs of the church along with their parents. In the last ten years the program has been a blessing in each family, church and community, being an example of responsibility and harmony. Also, kids want to join the program and attend church. Some of the children who finished the program are now studying to be a computer professional, accounting, administrators, and teachers. Telvi Espinoza Program Director Children of Promise Peru
Olga Kiseleva : Program Director, Russia
  • Olga Kiseleva

    Program Director, Russia

  • Russia (Nadezhda) Program Director's Welcome

    Children of Promise or ‘Nadezhda detyam’ is a unique program for children in need. It provides everyone with an opportunity to be a Christian, practicing charity and compassion to children’s needs in oversea's lands.

    In our program we have children who suffer from air pollution and as a result, often get sick. Some of them come from families with a single parent or from a family with many children, or from a family with a limited income.

    The program allows us to serve the children by providing them with groceries, medication, personal hygiene items, and school supplies. All this transforms the life of each child because they know that somebody truly loves them and takes good care of them.

    The Bible teaches us to “love our neighbor as we love ourselves” (Mat. 22:39, Mark 12:31, Luke 10:27). Each sponsor of a child who lives in a far-away country becomes that very neighbor. It is a true miracle! God’s command is working!

    We witness that in genuine joy and love, in the tears of gratitude in the eyes of the children. God acts through the sponsors in the COP program to change the lives of children to the better.

    Olga Kiseleva

    Program Director, Nadezhda


Rev. Charles Nsengiyumva : Program Director, Rwanda
  • Rev. Charles Nsengiyumva

    Program Director, Rwanda

  • Rwanda "IGANAWE" Program Director's Welcome

    Our sponsored kids in Rwanda are doing so fine. Compared with the past, before the child sponsorship program, there has been a big change in their lives.First of all, children that receive support in Rwanda are orphans or from very poor families and they are members of the Church of God. Before getting the support they had big problems, not only in their homes but also in our local churches, in schools and in their communities at large.

    Today, in schools, our sponsored kids study well because all the school requirements are provided for by COP. It was not easy before getting sponsored, as they were stopping school for a variety of reasons. Today nothing can make a child stop apart from other unknown causes.  Children of promise helps to provide for the government medical insurance, so it is easy for them to get medical treatment. Sickness is now not a stumbling block.  These days sponsored kids can study and succeed well.

    Sponsored kids' families are happier now (parents or guardians).  The reason is that the children  now go from home to school and from school to home. It was different before the support.  Children were were not going to school.  They were just trying to work or scavenge to find food.  One cannot study while hungry, so kids could sometimes go different ways.  For example, some could run errands for people instead of going to school.

    Our sponsored kids have developed a special love among themselves; they don't stay not far from their local church; they like being together. They have different songs they present during Church services; they sing well. The way other children, who are not sponsored, look at them, shows that they desire to be like them. They show confidence, so when it comes for them to present a song, people pay attention.

    In their communities, people wonder how orphans and very poor kids study and succeed like others. These days some of them have loved the work of God so that in the future they might help the poor and the voiceless. They have loved Iganawe Rwanda, the COP in Rwanda, therefore may God bless the sponsors all over in USA and other places.

    May God keep safe all the COP staff. Long live Children of Promise.

    May God be blessed,

    Rev. Charles Nsengiyumva

    Program Director of IGANAWE RWANDA.

Herman David Kisasila : Program Director, Tanzania
  • Herman David Kisasila

    Program Director, Tanzania

  • Tanzania (Safina) Program Director's Welcome

    Since 1995 Children of Promise has been operating in Tanzania, East Africa. Working under the Swahili name “Safina,” since its onset the program has expanded to include almost 900 children in 17 different areas of the country.

    The work of Safina could not be accomplished without the dedicated support of each of our children’s sponsors, be it individuals, families, churches, or other groups.

    At some point each of those sponsors held a picture of a child in their hands. Each made a decision to give that child hope by investing in their lives. And in each of those moments, a message was sent directly into the life of that child; a message that each of their lives matters, that hope is for everyone, and that God adores them.

    Thank you for supporting the work of Children of Promise in Tanzania and around the world. And if you have not yet made the decision to do so, please consider changing the life of a child in East Africa. There are thousands of kids whose lives have been forever altered, but there are so many more children still waiting.

    Herman David Kisasila

    Safina Program Director

Scott and Deanna Compton : COP Directors Tanzania
  • Scott and Deanna Compton

    COP Directors Tanzania

  • Director's Welcome
Dow Chanwichaipote : Program Director, Thailand
  • Dow Chanwichaipote

    Program Director, Thailand

  • Thailand Program Director's Welcome
Dr. Ofelia Viray : Program Director, The Philippines
  • Dr. Ofelia Viray

    Program Director, The Philippines

  • The Philippines "Grace Family Helper Project" Program Director's Welcome

    Warmest greetings in the precious name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior!

    The Philippines is a very populated country – with about 100,000,000 people spread over its 7,101 islands. Ten percent of the population belong to the rich stratum, twenty percent belong to the middle class while the remaining seventy percent are constituted by people in the poverty level.

    Despite the government’s good efforts to eradicate poverty in the country, there are people who remain poor and who feel they have become even poorer. Consequently, these people feel alienated – from other people as well as from God. This feeling of alienation leads to a sense of hopelessness and helplessness. It is toward these people that Grace Family Helper Project has focused and directed its programs and services.

    Grace Family Helper Project is working with the poorest of the poor in Metro Manila, mostly dwelling in the poorest district of Manila, which is Tondo. These people are the families who had migrated to Manila in the early years, believing it is a land of promise that will give them prosperity. Instead, they found that opportunities were limited and they had to contend with the reality of a hand-to-mouth existence. It is to their good fortune that the Children of Promise came into operation and forged a tie with Grace Family Helper Project, the social arm of the First Church of God of Manuguit on Abucay Street, Manuguit, Tondo, Manila.

    Quite numerous are the member-families of the church in Manuguit and in our mission churches in Central Luzon. These families are indigent and really need support for their children in the fields of education, health, and nutrition. The children naturally became the first group of beneficiaries of the programs funded by Children of Promise.

    Without the support of the program, these children would not have completed secondary education and would not have gone on to college through our consortium with public and private universities. Without the support of the program, the parents would not have been provided with income-generating skills that they now use profitably in augmenting the income of their families. And without the support of the program, they would not have known the love and mercy of God which leads them to salvation through accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. And through the program of Children of Promise, they have found hope and confidence in living a victorious life.

    The children and their families are most grateful to you and the program.

    In the service of God’s Children,

    Dr. Ofelia L. Viray

    Executive Director

Rev. Colleen Stevenson : Program Director, Uganda
  • Rev. Colleen Stevenson

    Program Director, Uganda

  • Uganda "Upendo" Program Director's Welcome

    I bring armloads full of joyful greetings from the Church and the Upendo sponsorship program in Uganda. For many years we have been part of a fruitful partnership with the Children of Promise sponsorship program. Children’s lives are changing daily through educational programs, nutritional and medical care, and spiritual input through the relationship with the Church.

    There are many testimonies of how sponsorship has changed a life; Elizabeth is one who grew up in a single-parent family and through Upendo received her education. Upon finalizing her course in Engineering, she got a job in Jinja that oversees road works all over Uganda. God is so wonderful!

    Through this program new relationships and bonds are formed that can last a lifetime. In Uganda, the Church of God has 900+ children sponsored through this program from the US, and everyone has the opportunity to do something great with their lives — they only have to try!

    Thanks to you, poverty is lifting and smiles are returning to faces all over Uganda.

    Rev. Colleen Stevenson

    Program Director of Upendo, Uganda

Rev. Mailes Ndao : Program Director, Zambia
  • Rev. Mailes Ndao

    Program Director, Zambia

  • Zambia Program Director's Welcome

    The program has touched and changed the lives of all the children who have gone and are still on the program. Most of the children had no hope of going to school due to the financial challenges that the families face. When the program started here in Lusaka, Zambia, the COP Committee approached the Board of Directors of the Church Of God and negotiated to have Children on Sponsorship attend the Church of God private school. This gave the children who had no hope of ever learning at a private school access to good education in a Christian environment. This was made possible because a sponsor felt led to help this child.

    The family benefits from the program as well. The food stuffs and toiletries that the child receives benefit the whole family. The family's income is also supplemented through education and other benefits such as food and medical/ health.

    The Church benefits as well. The program is a good evangelistic tool and helps in the growth of the church. When people see the love of Christ through the program, they get curious and they want to know how total strangers can give money and help children and families they do not know. These questions are answered with a simple answer that the sponsors give because they love Jesus and that they have chosen to help these children because of the love of Christ. This has brought many people in our Congregation to The Lord. Additionally, because of the holistic approach of the program, many kids have discovered their talents through Sunday School and most of them are singing in the choir and playing musical instruments for the Church.

    The emphasis on children attending Church and School has helped bring up God fearing Children who are contributing positively to their community. The community benefits from these God fearing children who are impacting it in positive ways.

    The program is simply a blessing. Many thanks to all the people who give their money, their time and their love to help us. Thank you very much.


    Rev. Mailes Ndao

    Program Director, Zambia

    National Leader of the Church of God, Zambia